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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nantucket: Revisited

A little behind on the posting, but thank goodness for internet access at work.

During the first weekend in June, I went to Nantucket for my niece's wedding.

The first time I ever went to Nantucket was about 15 years ago, during the winter, and it was freezing! My trips after that were predominantly during the winter, as well. Finally, I made it to the island during the summer -- the place is crazy!

Talk about tourists all over the place! I took the Plymouth and Brockton Bus to Hyannis, then hopped onto the Hyline Ferry. The bus ride was a little over an hour, and I took the fast ferry, so that only took 1 hour to drop me off right in downtown Nantucket.

I usually stay at my brother's place, but for the wedding I stayed in the Jared Coffin House. Considering it is peak season, I got a pretty good deal -- $125/night for a single bed -- since I was only staying 2 nights. JCH is literally a five minute walk from where you get off from the ferry, plus it's on the same street as the only decent iced coffee, Island Coffee, plus a bookstore next door and food at the Den of Thieves, all on Broad Street.

A few photos:

Brant Point Lighthouse.

Compass street.

Almost all the houses have fresh flowers on their doors.

A boat near downtown Nantucket.

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